Top 20 people who should be in GTA 2 deserved to get run over

1. Arthur (cartoon on PBS) - lamest show ever on PBS

2. Britney Spears - She has no talent and sings worst than Charles Barkley oh yeah I forgot she buys her clothes at BABY GAP (Oops, I must be talking about Mariah Carrey)

3. N Sync - No talent didn't make their own songs, Lance and Justin are both gay and Joey Fatone looks like that one guy from "Ready to rumble"

4. Rosie O'Donnell - ehh...she is boring Zzzzz...

5. Barney - I hate purple dinosaurs

6. Teletubbies - they suck 'nuff said

7. Triple H - he deserves to be called an asshole and definetly roadkill

8. Saddam Hussien - I don't even wanna think about it

9. Pikachu - I get a headache sometimes thinking about Pokemon

10. Tom Green - he is abusive to his parents

11. Backstreet Boys - can you tell the simularities between Nick Carter and Mimi (from the Drew Carrey Show)?

12. Mandy Moore - Another imbred whore (She's young and worst than Britney Spears)

13. Jeff Jarrett - What a cry baby

14. Chris Jericho - see #13

15. Oprah - The ultmate hater of meat, The Man Show and other things that are cool

16. Carson Daly - Minister of the TEENYBOPPERS

17. 98 Degrees - same as N Sync and BSB

18. The Dudley Boyz - Buh-Buh deserves to get ru-ru-ru (smack) run over

19. Teenyboppers - They dress to sexy and they need to be on Jenny Jones either that or get run over or burned by Charizard.

20. Mimi - She is actually a man who wears too much make-up (don't tell her I said that)